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When you hear from experts in the media, have you ever considered their gender?

Despite the fact that women make up over half the global population, the experts featured in the news are most often men. In fact, according to the 2020 Global Media Monitoring Project, women represented only 25% of experts in the media.

Her Voice, a podcast from ESCP Business School’s media The Choice, aims to contribute to women’s visibility in their domains of expertise. We’re talking business and science, willpower to change the world, and ambition to have a decisive impact on the future.

We kicked off season one of Her Voice with fantastic guests such as Sandra Rey, founder and CEO of Glowee, Diana Biggs, a long-time pioneer in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and Aurélie Jean, a renowned scientist and author of a book on algorithmic bias. And now we’re back, to give space to women experts from ESCP’s community and beyond.

For season two, we’ll speak again with awe-inspiring women and highlight their expertise on subjects as wide as entrepreneurship, finance, consulting and innovation. From the perks and challenges of being a driver of innovation with Beatrice Borgia, to the importance of promoting the journeys of female CEOs with entrepreneur and writer Élodie Andriot, we’ll be diving deep into the minds and careers of brilliant experts.

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