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ESCP has partnered with the Financial Times to produce three “audio articles” on key topics that we're passionate about: European Leadership, Sustainability and the Future of Work. Originally published on ft.com, we’re excited to bring to you the Director’s Cut on The Choice.

Listen as our experts debate the latest trends and challenges facing the world of business.


European leadership:
how digitalisation and sustainability are shaping the future

In episode one, our Paris campus dean, Professor Andreas Kaplan, and Professor Simon Mercado, Executive Vice President for Business & External Relations, dive into the values and characteristics key to European leadership. Europe, along with the rest of the world, has faced unprecedented challenges over the past year, but with vaccines now being distributed at pace and scale, and a new post-Brexit era emerging, the role of European leadership is shifting.


Sustainability and the value chain:
the need for systemic change

In episode two, Marie Georges, sustainability partner at Deloitte, a corporate partner of ESCP’s Circular Economy Chair, along with Jade Plancke and Rebecca Ruff, ESCP students and co-founders of the Responsible Business podcast discuss why businesses' mindsets must evolve to be truly sustainable. It might seem as if the world has thought of little else but the pandemic over the past year, but that is not the case. Sustainability is still very much top of the agenda for businesses.


Working from home:
the new normal or a temporary solution?

In episode three, Benjamin Voyer, professor of behavioural science at ESCP, and Frédéric Plais, CEO of platform.sh, debate whether working from home is truly a win-win for employees and employers. A year after the global transformation in working patterns, the question remains - does working from home full time really offer the best long-term solution for businesses?

This content was produced in partnership with the commercial department of the Financial Times.

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