Deciding where to work

When possible, designate a specific space in your home, within which you can conduct your work. It is important that you establish rules preventing you from working outside that space.

Deciding when to work

One of the benefits of working from home is that you may be able to work at your own pace, defining yourself the timeframe within which you will be working, in line with family responsibilities and personal preference. 

Deactivation or silencing of notifications

Fully deactivate all work-related notifications (e.g. work emails) on your personal devices – or use separate devices for work and non-work altogether.

Different devices for different purposes

Using  a work laptop for work purposes may help you establish another boundary whereby – by switching off the work laptop – you essentially put an end to your working day, preventing it from penetrating your non-work life.

Tip for creating new work-life boundaries in the digital context

Think what kind of boundary you feel more comfortable with and – most importantly – stick to your decision!

The new virtual environment has taken away traditional work-life boundaries of space and time. Recreating some of those boundaries within the new context can help workers restore a sense of separation and work-life balance.


Petros Chamakiotis, PhD